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REPRO RESULTS utilizes the open check ELISA test developed by IDEXX.  This test looks for prenancy-associated glycoproteins (PAG's), which are pregnancy specific proteins only present in a cow's blood serum when a pregnancy occurs. 

IDEXX specific PAG levels sharply incresase in pregnant cows starting at 26 days post breeding, and are an extremely accurate indicator of open/pregnant status at 28 days post breeding.


Industry statistics indicate that a day open costs dairy producers between $3-$5 per cow per day.  The solution?

Utilizing the REPRO RESULTS Open Check allows the dairy producer to efficiently find open cows quickly and accurately, allowing dairy producers to make a decision to intervene through synchronization, culling,etc. 

Incorporating the REPRO RESULTS Open Check also allows for customized flexibility in scheduling open/preg checks, synchronization and timed AI days and on-farm labor requirements. 


A successful reproductive program must be fast, accurate and affordable.

In a 1,452 cow study, the REPRO RESULTS Open Check was 99.3% accurate in determining open cows at 28 days post breeding, as compared to using ultrasound diagnosis on the same cows.

Success begins with REPRO RESULTS.


"We have been using the PAG technology for a few years now, and I am a true believer.  The REPRO RESULTS Open Check is extremely accurate.  We are able to utilize our on-farm staff efficiently to gather samples, and enroll open cows into our re-synchronization program quickly."

Mike Miranda, Owner

Twin Star Dairy

Merced, California

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