Our local processing lab allows for same day turn around of your samples.


Bring your samples in by noon, and we will email or fax your results to you by the end of the business day.


Repro Results Open Check Technology is scientifically proven to be 99.3% accurate in open detection for cows 28 days since last bred.

As our agricultural community continues to navigate through the challenges COVID-19 is causing our industry, we are working to provide efficient and affordable services to our fellow industry partners. Please contact us today for special pricing on our Idexx Milk Pregnancy Test. 

Reduce the days open by

re-inseminating non-pregnant cows quicker than palpation.  The Open Check test is cost-effective compared to conventional pregnant/open diagnosis. 

Our staff is committed to providing exceptional service,

 delivering results that generate profit for our partners.

  • Dairy Cattle

  • Beef Cattle

  • Goats & Sheep

We test for non-pregnancies for 

What Our Customers Say...

"I absolutely love the Repro Results blood and milk pregnancy testing service and would not go back to our old method. 

Repro Results blood and milk testing is the only way to check your cows."

Joe Silveira

Herd Manager, Twin Star Dairy

Atwater, California

"We've been using Repro Results since the lab first opened. 


We manage all of our open cow diagnosis in-house  with the use of this technology. It's accurate, efficient and trust-worthy."

Brian Simas

Herd Manager, Stevinson Corporation 

Stevinson, California

Repro Results was founded to improve the success and profitability of our clients

through improved dairy cattle reproductive efficiency and herd health.  We achieve this

this through proven science and practical application, and offer Open Check testing

through a simple blood test or milk testing. We partner with Dairy Herd Improvement

Associations (DHIA) to provide the most convenience service for our customers

We provide exceptional service and FREE local pick up.